Drug menace has become a burning problem today.
According to the newspaper reports the number of drug addicts in our country is increasing day by day. It is reported that most of the rugs addicts ate young persons. This is a very sad state of affairs. The young age is an age of curiosity and inquisitiveness. At this age the youths more out of the shelter of their parents and homes seeking new friends.
Once a person gets into the drug habit, it is not an east task to get out of it.
After taking drugs anyone becomes insane abruptly. He does not know where he is and what he is doing. The addicted son cannot identify even his own father & mother. They compel to commit various crimes. They think only of the temporary satisfaction and never think of its harmful effects.
Saving the youth from drugs is the bounden duty of  everybody, because the future of our country entirely depends on them.
Alcohol in liquor and nicotine in cigarettes are also harmful. Some of the harmful drugs are cannabis, heroin harmful, Some of the harmful drugs are cannabis, heroin, brown sugar, cocaine, LSD and marijuwana. It appears that the most widely used drug is heroin.
According to a recent survey conducted by a voluntary organization, it has been revealed that it is through friends that young boys fall victim to this. Quite unaware of its bad effects.
Drug business has become a lucrative trade today. The legal actions taken by the government to stop the trafficking of drugs have been unsuccessful.
According to the intellectuals, drug addiction among the youth can be stopped only by educating them through awareness programmers. Anti-Drug campaigns should be organized on village level. Youth should be guided and advised as much as possible.
Let’s take every possible step to save our youth from drugs.