There is a weekly fair in our village. It is held in every Sunday.
A fair is a gathering of buyers and sellers in one place. The fair starts early in the morning and goes on till about noon.
Some villagers go to the fair to sell their produce while others go there to buy  their needs.
Villagers lead a monotonous life. So the fair day is special day for them. They get an opportunity of meeting people from various villages. People in all walks of life can be seen n the fair. Children are the happiest of all. Crowds throng the fair and the noise is deafening. Every vendor shouts at the top of his voice.
Traders and other sellers display their goods for dale. There are vegetable sellers. Fruit sellers, cloth sellers, dried fish sellers, gram sellers, ice cream sellers and sweetmeat sellers in the fair. Children can be seen gathering round the ice cream sellers.
Almost all the food stuffs are cheaper in the fair then in the towns. There are only a few permanents trade stalls in the fair. Others are temporary stalls. There are several rows of trade stalls.
There are magicians, astrologers, medicine sellers and snake charmers too in the fair.
The village fair is one of the most useful and oldest features of our village.