The Pleasure Of Traveling
Traveling is good exercise for the body of a man. And also it brings a good mental satisfaction. It is really enjoyable and valuable exercise too. A man must not be limited to his home. As he is a social animal he should know the areas, the people, the life styles of different people in the world.
No man is perfect on this earth. So he can improve his knowledge have wonderful experiences from traveling one place to another. Traveling is one of the best methods to improve our knowledge.
Traveling can be categorized as two. One is traveling within the country and traveling among the other countries. Both of these ways help to make ones life a better one.
The great explorers such  as Vaskoda Gama and Amerigo Wespoochi who had been traveling continually bestowed their great explorations to the world. They are very good examples for the travelers who used traveling for pleasure and to gain knowledge.