• 09.Living In The Future
    The world has been making rapid progress in all directions. But future is always unseen and indefinite.
   Unbelievable things may happen in the field of science and technology. There will be only the concrete paths on the earth. As a result of that bunches of artificial flowers may in the pots of our gardens. There will be no birds and trees. So h surrounding may be so warm and heat.
    It is hard to imagine what human beings would be like. Then there would be a difference in the appearance and habits of human beings. Because our bodies are adapted to our needs. They might have small weak arms and legs for almost everything could be done. By machines. Their heads would be bigger since they have to use their brains a lot for the purpose of inventing more and more hi-tech machines.
   Instead of going to school. Children , could  study at home by means of computers. In fact computers would be widely used in every sphere of their day-to day activities.
Transport system is quite rapid. We may not kept waiting as we have floating buses. There may be no drivers and conductors. There will be air buses instead of aero planes. And with a soft push of tiny button we will be in another planet.

   How ever people’s greed for power will not end. There will be star wars and the human race will run risk of being erased from the earth.