08.The Life Of The Journalist
    Journalist is a person who always tries to explore the news and information. He has no place or time to do his job.. Though he is leading a very risky and restless life, really it is an interesting job.
   Sometime he has to face many challenger and bad experiences according to his profession anyway it is his duty to provide authentic and latest news to the people. He can not perform his duty staying in one place. It means this profession makes him travel a lot. As a journalist he should improve his knowledge day by day. He is eager to discover the news not only to quench his thirst but to appease the hunger of the other people too.
  Actually a journalist is leading a very busy life. In that case he has to sacrifice his personal like too. He is very brave to express his thoughts using his pen as a weapon in a war.,
   The work of a journalist is vital both a national and international levels. His work is urgent and he cannot afford to postpone any of the all important matters. The most important thing therefore is they he must plan and manage his time. There won’t he newspapers or magazines if not for the talented and enthusiastic journalists.