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01. My name is Anna Pace.

02. I am a Canadian citizen.

03. I spell my name

04. I am twenty-five years old.

05. My address is 0022254,WQ British Columbia, Victoria ,Canada

06. I am a student.

07. I’ am a teacher.

08. I am a businessman.

09. I’m here on a business trip.

10. I’m on vacation.

11. I’m a friend of Dani.

12. I’m travelling to Toronto - Ontario.

13. I’m (warm) cold.

14. I’m (hungry) thirsty.

15. I’m (glad) sad.

16. I’m in a hurry.


01.Good morning.

02. Good evening.

03. Hello. (Good day)

04. Good-bye.

05. See you later.

06. How are you ?

07. Fine, thanks, and you ?

08. How is your family ?

09.Very well.

10. How are things ?

11. All right.

12. So, So.

13. May I introduce (Mr., Mrs., Miss. Samuel  ?)

14. May I introduce my wife ?

15. May I introduce my husband ?

16. May I introduce my daughter ?

17. May I introduce my son ?

18. May I introduce my sister ?

19. May I introduce my brother ?

20. May I introduce my Mother ?

21. May I introduce my father ?

22. May I introduce my child ?

23. May I introduce my friend ?

24. I’m very happy to make your acquaintance.

25. It’s a pleasure.

26. Who are you please ?

27. Would you care to join us ?

28. Please sit down.

29. Who is that boy ?

30. Who’s that girl ?

31. Who’s that man ?

32. Who’s that woman ?

33. Give me your address and telephone number.

34. What are you doing tonight ?

35. May I visit you again ?

36. Come to visit us.

37. I had a very nice time.

38. Give my regards to your aunt and uncle.

39. I like you very much.

40. I love you.


01.Do you speak English ?

02. Does anyone here speak English ?

03. I speak only English.

04. I can read a little German.

05. I know a little French.

06. I’m an Italian.

07. I’m a Spaniard.

08. Please speak more slowly.

09. I do not understand.

10. Do you understand me ?

11. I do not know.

12. I believe so.

13. Repeat it, please.

14. Write it down, please.

15. What is that?

16. What does this word mean?

17. How do you say ‘pencil’ in German?

18. We need an interpreter.



01. Where is the American embassy?

02. Where is the police station?

03. I cannot find my hotel address.

04. Where is the Lost and Found Office?

05. She has lost (her hand-bag) her purse.

06. He forgot (his money) his keys.

07. I do not remember the street.

08. My money has been stolen.

09. I shall call a policeman.

Read & Write

Sest For Travel
In the tribal age, man traveled from hunting ground to hunting ground or from pasture to pasture on foot.

But as his life style changed with the passage of time he wanted to travel to distance places, very often carrying things. Ass’s back or horse’s back was insufficient to meet that needs. Therefore he felt the necessity loads of things. They necessity made him invent the “ wheel”

As result of that invention he could travel in faraway lands and meet new people. In fact, the invention of the wheel had a strong civilizing influence on man.

With the ongoing civilization, he developed a strong urge to travel father away, both on land and sea. Urge to travel father away, both on land and sea.

It’s surprising and interesting to read about the travelling seal of ancient navigator like Christopher Columbus and Vasco De Gama who live in the 16th Century’

Towards the end of the same century . Man could discover the powers of smoke and steam and invent the smoke ship ant the steam engine. Those two inventions enabled him to travel both on land and dead quickly and easily with heavy loads of things.

Even then man was not content with his ability to travel on land and water only. His burning zest for travel forced him to look to ways of travelling in the sky and under water too. That fervent necessity gave birth to the inventions of the aero plane and submarine.

Having thus explored the space and the sea bed in quite a short period of time, he next focused his eyes on the planets of the solar system. To go on the expedition which looked impossible and unimaginable, he successfully invented the space rocket. To the surprise pf all. he landed on moon or the nearest planet to the earth on.

Yet, Man’s zest for travel looks insatiable. Now he has been eager to explore the other planets starting with the Mars.

Such ec\examples show that travels promote inventions and inventions promote travels and both of them together promote man’s civilization.

Popular Superstitions
Superstition is the belief that particular events bring good or bad luck. According to common superstitions prevailing among us, breaking a mirror brings bad luck whereas the sudden appearance of back ants in a house brings good luck to it’s inmates.

Different cultures have different superstitions’ Especially; those living in the West are superstitious about the number 13 and also the Fridays of the ordinal number thirteenth. That number and the day are regarded as inauspicious.

The cry of the gecko heard when setting out on a journey is believed to be an omen of ill-luck. This misconception is so much deeply rooted in the minds of ordinary villagers that in such instances they tend to postpone their journeys for a few minutes or entirely cancel them.

Like wise the cry of the devil-bird is regarded as an omen of death in the neighborhood’ The howls of dogs at night are also demean similar.

When a person happens to go past a cemetery very late at night he won’t be able to help his blood running cold as his childhood memories of “Rity Yaka” and “Mahasona” keep haunting him throughout his journey.

When a newly born baby is found to suffer from some illness like skin rashes or eruption, very often the reason for it is attributed to the evil-eye-mouth of a neighborhood woman who had visited the baby.

Very often these misconceived conclusions of villagers are found to bring about silent, but untold destructions to themselves and the society.

The act of the consulting astrologers for auspicious times for various things like boring the ears of a girl, installing the very first stone for a new house, planting a tree anew ect. Does not seem to be logical in the light of reason and science . Even then both the Astrologer and Kattadiya are indispesable not only in the villages but also in the towns of our country.

To a person who possesses a mind bogged down in the mud of superstition, the following three quotations from wise men would be much interesting and helpful.

The Value Of Trees
Trees have been considered as man’s best friend for a long time. In the day of our ancestors, they used the fruits of tress as food, the leaves for clothing and the wood for housing. Trees give us shelter from the sun, wind and rain. Certain herbs, roots and leaves of firewood. If there aren’t there won’t be rain. That’s oxygen we breathe is given to us by trees; Trees protect the land from soil erosion. They beautify the environments. Valuable furniture and household goods are made out of wood. When an infant is born, his or dies , the tree provides the timber for the coffin: Finally his or her funeral pyre too is made out of timber. Can you think of a world without trees ?

The Blue Whale
The blue whale is the largest know living mammal. Usually, it lives u to ninety years. It is also the biggest eater in the animal kingdom. When the blue whale’s stomach is full, it can hold 2.5 tones of food. Blue whales produce the biggest baby. A Baby whale weight 36 tones. The body of the blue whale produces about 20 tones of oil. This oil used to make soap, margarine.

My Daily Program
I usually get up as six ‘o’ clock in the morning. I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I have a cup of tea prepared by my mother. Next I wear my school uniform. I put my books into the school bag.

Before breakfast, I offer flowers to Load Buddha. My mother prepares a good breakfast for me. I usually have it at seven ‘O’ clock. After breakfast, I worship my parents. I leave home as about seven thirty to go to school. I walk to school daily.

School starts at eight ‘O’ clock. At school I follow all the lessons carefully. During the interval at ll ‘O’ clock I have a fruit drink. After the interval I go back to my class. When the bell rings at two ‘O’ clock, it is time to go home. The school is over for the day.

Once I come home, I have a good body wash. Then I have my lunch. After lunch I read newspapers or story books. After reading them, I watch children’s programmers on T.V

After tea as four ‘O’ clock, I play cricket or football with my friends. I play till about six ‘O’ clock.

After I come home, I take a wash. Now it’s time for studies. I do all my homework till dinner, which is at about eight “O’ clock’ After dinner I watch T.V programmers. I go to sleep around nine ‘O’ clock. This is how my day ends.

An Evening By The Beach
Whenever I got an opportunity to visit my aunt’s house at Malibu. I never forget to go to the beach for a leisurely stroll. It gave me a fresh enjoyment as I’m a residents of Newyork. a town a handsome distance away from the sea.

It was a Sunday. While I was having a game of cards, suggested to him going to the beach sometime. I further told him that I had never visited the beach in an evening at once.

Then we stopped the game and stood up to get ready to go to the beach. After getting aunt’s permission, we walked towards the beach that was nearly two hundred meters from the house. Later, we crossed over the rocky coastline that stood alongside the tar road and gained access to the beach.

It was a happiness mingled with curiosity that was conceived in my mind when I was suddenly surrounded by the “ Ho.. hoo” sound of the high winds of the sea.

Our foot-prints in the wet sand were being instantly washed off by ripples of white foam produced by huge waves breaking on the shore. The sea sand that was being constantly wetted and renewed had taken a golden appearance.

Kady and I strolled leisurely along the beach enjoying many beautiful views.

Some people were bathing in shallow places in the sea dipping themselves in water. Some where having fun swimming, floating on tubes or just splashing around. My eyes were turning disobediently every now and then towards the shallow water that was glittering like a wavy carpet of blue crystal.

As we headed further up, we caught the sight of a few fishermen who were trying to put their catamaran into the water being sunk waist deep amidst rough waves.

When I glanced at the faraway sea that was looking like a bluish and gigantic river I could barely spot the top of the mast of a ship and the stream of shake billowed out of it.

A flock of seagulls were circling in haste round a nearby rock in the sea. That sight made me remember how Kady explained to me one day that it’s seagulls who provide fishermen with clues that help them round up huge shoals of fish.

Towards the evening, the number of visitors to the beach had unknowingly increases. Some were testing seated in different places in the beach with their gazes fixed seawards. Some teenage couples with ruffled hair were whispering to each other seated half covered amongst screw pine bushes, Some men and women were also little brats among them who were doing different playful things like trading over thin waves, packing up seashells etc.

All those views suggested to me that, the beach is an ideal amusement park gifted us by the nature.

When at once I was soaked by a wave that broke on the beach giving out a “saraas…” sound, I turned towards Kady , Smiling.

“ Although it doesn’t show, how it’s very much late” Kady said.

Although I turned around to head for home, I felt that my eyes still preferred to perch in the sky. The sky was glittering like a bright, multi canopy hung above the mass of blue water. The sun that had taken on the appearance of a scarlet ball was just about to touch the horizon. That sight was so much magnificent that I couldn’t take my eye off.

As the sun began to sink below the horizon having taken on a blood-red color, the sky around it’ got adorned with alluring clouds. In fact O doubted where was any artist on this earth who could create the same marvelous blend of colors with his own painting stick.

Swallowing such novel feelings, I looked at Kady with eyes glittering with curiosity.

“Brother, let’s go back now. It’s much later than we think” Kady suggested again.

Then we started walking back home getting blogged down in the dry and white sand that tickled our feet. Even after we had stepped into the house. I felt that the echo of the sea was still haunting in my mind.

An Accident
One evening I was awaiting for a bus to go home. I saw a lorry speeding towards Ottwa. The lorry was full of goods. I was wondering why it was in such a full of goods. I was wondering why is was in such a hurry. Suddenly, I heard a thundering noise. The lorry had knocked against a van coming from the opposite had knocked against a van coming from the opposite direction. Soon a crowd gathered. There was a big traffic jam. I too ran to the spot. The lorry driver was trying to flee. But two young men prevented him from fleeing. The occupants of the wan were yelling. They were injured. There were four persons in the van with the driver. The driver was unconscious. There were two young girls and a mother. They were in great pain. Soon the police arrived as the scene. The injured were rushed to HEEH hospital. The lorry driver was taken into police custody. The police soon cleared the traffic jam. I too gave a statement to the police. There were other witnesses too. Nest I came back to the bus halt to catch a bus home. I will never forget this incident.

A rainy Day
It was a Monday. I was getting ready to go to school. I had my breakfast. I took my school bag. I was getting ready to leave home. Suddenly, It was getting dark. Birds were flying back to their nests. Mother asked me to take an umbrella. I came with thunder and lightning. Strong winds were blowing. I couldn’t get out the house. Tress were bending. Soon the whole area was under water. I saw people running for shelter. I could hear the noise of trees falling.

After about two hours the rain ceased. I went out to see the damage caused by this sudden downpour. I went near the usual bus halt. But there was no bus shelter. It had fallen on the roof of our village bakery. The bakery was severely damaged Loaves of bread could be seen on the road. The post- office too was under water. A massive Okd tree had fallen to the road blocking all traffic. A huge branch of a Hade tree had damaged a parked lorry. Some telephone and electric wires were seen fallen on the ground. There was no electricity in the area for a few hours. What a damage rain had done in such a short period. I’ll never forget this raining day.

Lost In The Jungle.
Ravi, Anne, & Jak were three great friends. They were studying in the same grade at school. They were stusying in the same grade at school. They were very fond of the jungle. So one Sunday morning Ravi & Anne went to Jak’s place. The jungle was close to Jak’s house.

Ravi said to Jak, “ Jak shall we go to the jungle today?” Jak eagerly agreed to Ravi’s idea’ So after having some early lunch, the three of them left towards the jungle.

The jungle lay to the north of Jak’s house. They walked far into the jungle. By evening the three of them had collected a lot of wild flower plants and berries. They watched many beautiful butterflies and birds gearing dark. They decided to hurry back home. Soon they found themselves lost in the jungle. They were highly worried. They didn’t knew what to do. The boys did not have even a mobile phone with them. Anne began to cry. But the other two calmed him, Then Jak remembered that he had brought his compass. With the help of the meanwhile the parents of Ravi & Anne had rushed to Jak’s house in search of their children They all cried in joy when they saw their children. They all crude in joy when they saw their children back from the jungle safely.

The temperature at the centre of the earth is about 4000 centigrade. As the centre is so hot, there is always movements there. The hear makes the inside of the earth move and change. These changes sometimes make the outside move too. Then it results in an earthquake.

Earthquakes do not take place in most parts of the world. but in some areas they do occur frequently. These are earthquakes are so small that people hardly notice anything happening except the movement of pictures on the wall. But in a major earthquake buildings will crack and fall, rivers will flood their banks and railway, electricity and underground pipe lines will get damaged. This will bring a lot of misery and death to the people. Governments will have to spend a huge amount of money to repair the damage.

Funny SMS / Love SMS /Good Morning SMS

A lonely tear is set out free,

i’m sitting alone for all to see;

you r far away, how can it be?

My heart cries out,” Come back to me!!”

Can u do something for me?

go to the window….look to the sky ***

can u see the stars?

can u count them ?

this is how much i miss u and even more !!!

U May Be Busy,

U May Be Engaged

With Lots Of Works.

Bt U Hav 1440 Mins Per Day.

Atleast For 1 min

Think That A Sweet Friend Of Ur ’s

Is Waiting 4Ur SMS.

Missing u

A thousand things in between us..

Low Battery,

Busy Network,

No Coverage,

No Time,

Heavy Work.

But still, when the Mobile Beeps,

I think of U..

Dono aankho mein ashq liya karte hain,

Hum apni neend mein tera naam liya karte hain.

Jab bhi aayain Hichkiyaan tumhain,

Samajh lena hum tumhain yaad kiya karte hain….

Morning Voices

Uk: Hi dear

USA:Good morning

China Mehow





in pakistan / India: uth baigharat, subah k 8 baj gaye hain

See outside the Window,

Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,

Birds Singing for U, B’coz last night

I told them to wish U GooD Morning.

Hi' Need 1 girl 2 marry . . .

Age no bar,

Color no bar,

Height no bar,

Caste no bar,

But girl's father must hv his own bar.-. Cheers.

Teacher : Correct the sentence,

“A bull and a cow is grazing in the field”

Student : “A cow and a bull is grazing in the field”

Teacher : How?

Student : Ladies first.


01. Is there a pharmacy here?

02. Can you issue medicine for this prescription immediately?

03. Do you have asprin?

04. Do you have boric acid?

05. Do you have face cream?

06. Do you have a comb?

07. Do you have a hair brush?

08. Do you have a flask?

09. Do you have a n ice bag?

10. Do you have a mouth wash?

11. Do you have hydrogen peroxide?

12. Do you have powder?

13. Do you have talcum powder?

14. Do you have a razor?

15. Do you have a package of razor blades?

16. Do you have shampoo?

17. Do you have a shaving cream?

18. Do you have a shaving lotion?

19. Do you have a thermometer?

20. Do you have a tooth brush?

21. Do you have a tube of toothpaste?

5 star luxury hotels ,

4 star luxury hotels,
3 star luxury hotels,
Beach resorts ,
5-star Sunny Beach hotels,
7 star Hotels,
Wild-hotels ,
Unusual hotels,
Tree house hotels,
Cave hotels,
Capsule hotels,
Ice and snow hotels,
Garden hotels,
Underwater hotels,


The moon once asked her mother to weave her a dress to fit her. Replied her mother, "And how am I to weave one to fit you? At one time I see you a full moon, the next a waning moon, and again a crescent !"

Lice bit a farmer as he was plough. Twice he dropped the plough and rid his dress of them. But when he was bitten once more, to save himself from. wasting his time again and again, he simply burnt his dress.

A hunter caught a partridge and was about to kill him, when the bird implored him to spare him, saying, "Allow me to live, I will help you catch many partridges in place of me." To this the man replied, "All the more reason why I would rather kill you , for you expect to betray your friends and acquaintances."

A dog was in the habit of swallowing eggs. so when he saw a snail, he opened his mouth wide and with a great big gulp gobbled it up. later, when he was afflicted with a pain in his stomach and in distress, he said, "I got what I deserved for thinking that everything round was an egg."

A hen found some snake's eggs and hatched them, cracking their
shells, when a swallow, seeing what she was doing cried, "you fool, why on earth are you rearing these creatures, when, once they are grown up, its with you that they'll begin their wickedness?"


The belly and the feet once argued about which of them was the stronger. the feet, speaking for them selves, said that they were so exceedingly strong that they carried , "Look here, you fellows, if I don't take the nourishment, you wouldn't even be able to carry yourselves"

the wind uprooted an oak tree and hurled it into a river. As it was carried along by the waters, it asked the reeds, " How do you, weak as you are , and sleek , remain without being uprooted by the violence of the winds?". the reed replied , "you stand up to the winds and oppose them, and so are uprooted. as for us we bend beneath them, that is how we remain unharmed."


Wearied by the long journey he had made, a way- farer fell down beside a well and went to sleep. he was on the point of toppling into the well, when fate suddenly appeared, roused him from his sleep and said, "Here fellow, if you fall in, it's not your own thoughtlessness that you will blame, but me, Fate."

Among the wolves there was born a wolf of unusual size. So they got to calling him a lion. this wolf in his folly did not live with his reputation but abandoned his own kind and began to associate with the lions. (seeing him) a fox sneered, "don't give yourself such a as you do now in your conceit, you fellow. For even if you may seem a lion among wolves, to the lions you are nothing more than a wolf "


All the gods wedded whichever goddess they won by the draw of lost. Dissension was the last to draw his lost. And he received as his bride none other than pride, with whom he fell madly in love and married. It is for this reason that , wherever pride goes, dissension follows close upon her.