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A. What’s a good hotel in this town?
B. The BBD Hotel is good.

A. Where’s that hotel , please?

B. That’s on Lower street.

A. How far is it from here?

B. It’s quite close.

A. Where’s there a good guest house near here?
B. There’s one called the Vassland Guest House . that’s good.

A. Where’s it?

B. That Guest house is right there – at that junction.

A. Could I have a room here tonight?
B. Do you like one without a bath?

A. No . I prefer a room With attached baths.

B. We have one at hundred rupees a day.

A. I’d like a single room , please.

B. Do You Want a room with a bath?

A. Yes , please . Do you have any?

B. All the rooms with baths are occupied. We have one Without a bath.

A. I’ve reserved a room here.
B. Beg your pardon.

A. I have a reservation for a room here.

B. Yes . You are in room 8 on the second floor.

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A. Excuse me , Where’s there a good hotel here where I could have lodging tonight.
B. Hotel Sunrise is good. Didn’t You go there?

A. Do you mean the hotel right after that intersection?

B. Yes , You’re right.

A. How much money do you have?
B. I have some money , but not very much.

A. Money goes very fast these days , doesn’t it?

B. Yes . it certainly does.

A. Could You lend me fifty rupees until tomorrow?

B. I can if you have change for a hundred.

A. I don’t have change for a hundred.

B. What shall We do , then?

A. I’ll go to that hotel and get it changed.

B. What do you need the money for?

A. I have got to pay my rent today. I don’t have a single red coin with me.

B. O. K. I’ll lend 100$ to you , then.

A. Sorry for troubling you. Thanks for your kind help.

B. Don’t mention it.

A. By the way , What about your vehicle? Did you sell it?

B. Yes , I sold it at a reasonable price.

A. Could I borrow some money from you for a few days?
B. How much do you need?

A. Could you spare four or 500$?

B. When do you want it?

A. Better if you could give it to me today if self ?

B. How soon will you return it?

A. I’ll give it back on my pay day - that’s on twenty third.

B. I can give you that money , but I’ll need it myself before twenty fifth.

A. What did you need the money for yesterday?
B. I Wanted it to settle some accounts.

A. Did you get the money?

B. Yes , I could get more than that amount.

A. From whom did you get it?

B. I borrowed it from a friend.

A. Could you give me five thousand rupees on five per sent interest?
B. I’ll lend you two thousand rupees if you want.

A. That’s not enough to solve my problem.

A. How old is your sister?
B. She is twelve years old.

A. Is your sister older or younger than your brother?

B. Brother is younger. He is only ten.

A. Your sister looks like your father.

B. Do you and your mother look alike?

A. There’s a little resemblance, but not very much.

B. In my case I don’t look like anyone in my family.

A. You look tired. Are you ill?
B. I feel rather dizzy and I have a terrible headache.

A. May be you are catching a cold.

B. You are probably right , my throat is sore too.

A. I feel like having a fever.
B. Yes , You have run into temperature.

A. What am I to do for that?

B. Take some aspirin and lie down for a few minutes.

A. You don’t look very well today. What’s wrong with you?
B. I have a severe stomachache today.

A. Drinking some lemon juice might help it.

B. I think I’ve got an indigestion.

A. You don’t look very well today. What’s wrong with you?
B. I have a severe stomachache today.

A. Drinking some lemon juice might help it.

B. I think I’ve got an indigestion.

A. You have gotten a little heavier?
B. You are probably right.

A. May be you don’t get enough exercise.

B. I really don’t.

A. You Would have lost weight if you got enough exercise.

A. I feel out of sorts.
B. Don’t exert yourself , then .

A. I think I’ve got a fever.

B. You had better go to a doctor. Taking some medicine might help you.

A. What are you taking for your cold?
B. Just the usual things as aspirin and coriander water.

A. Then , you’ll be over it soon.

B. I feel much better today than what I was yesterday.

A. I have a pain in my chest. I want a checkup , Doctor.
B. Are you having cough?

A. I feel a slight pain on the left side of my chest when I cough.

B. Let see. Breathe fast.

A. Am I having anything serious , Doctor?

B. Your lungs are a little Weak. You must give up smoking.

A. Well , Doctor.

B. Have you ever had asthma?

A. Yes , I had it about five years back.

B. Then , you should have quitted smoking a long tie ago.

A. I have a bit of a bad stomach.
B. Beg your pardon.

A. I feel a little sick to my stomach.

B. How’s your bowel movement?

A. I have loose motions.

B. How many motions did you have today?

A. I had three or four motions today.

A. I feel quite sick , Doctor.
B. I’d better take your temperature.

A. Am I having a high fever?

B. Yes , you have a high temperature. I feel there’s a little infection.

A. Is it good for me to eat anything?

B. Don’t take any heavy diets till the fever goes down. Take only liquid diets.

A. Will it last very long?

B. I’ve prescribed an antibiotic and it’ll be gone by tomorrow.

A. Where does the SD Street bus stop?
B. At the next halt.

A. Does it go via Torrington?

B. No , only the route number 151 bus goes that way.

Conversation    XXIII
A. I’m a afraid I’m going to be late for the class
B. What time does the clad start ?

A. It starts exactly at eight o’clock

B. How much time is there left ?

A. I’ve got about ten or fifteen minutes

B. You had better hurry up or you you’ll be after

A. I got late three hurry or four days this month and missed several lessons.

B. Is it O K with your teacher if you get late like that ?

A. He wishes we attended the class in time.

B. Try to get up a bit early and attend the clad at the right time , not late.

Conversation    XXIV
A. I’m very sorry I’m late for our appointment
B. What took you so long ?

A. The traffic was very heavy and I took one hour to travel that short distance.

B. It’s always like that at this time of the day.

A. If you were not late we’d be at Ottawa right now.

B. Never mind. We can still go to the meeting on time.

Conversation   XXV
A. Whom are you waiting for ?
B. I’m waiting for my friend, Nic Paice

A. Why are you looking so angry ?

B. Because my friend is forty minutes late already.

A. Why is Nic Paice late ?

B. It’s hard to say why he is late.

A. If your friend didn’t come what would you do ?

B. I think I’d go back home.

A. Would you be able to go there if Nic came before ten thirty

B. I can’t have any more delays. If he doesn’t come before ten o’clock I’II go alone.

Conversation   XXVI
A. Oh Anee , it’s so nice of your to have come.
B. Are we late or not ? I hope we are not late.

A. No. In fact we are early according to my watch.

B. Hadn’t we better go now ?

A. All right , but we are really about a half an hour early.

B. Let’s wait for Sarima, then.

A. There comes Anne.

B. I thought she was going to be late.

Conversation    XXVII
A. I have been coming to the class much late recently.
B. I wish you would not get late so much hereafter.

A. I miss the 7.15 morning train almost everyday

B. I’m sure you would not have missed then train if you had got up early.

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