01.Present Perfect Tense

01.Did you do it?
Yes, I have done it.
02.Did you pay the bill?
Yes ,.. I have paid.
03.Did you eat something?
Yes., I have taken my lunch.
04.Did he give money?
Yes, he has given
05.Did he finish that work?
Yes, he has finished
06.Did Nic Paice Come?
Yes, He has come.
07.Did you take decision?
Yes, I have taken a decision/
08.Did you prepare something to eat?
Yes, I have prepared
09.Did you do your homework?
Yes, I have done.
10.Did you send the e-mail?
Yes, I have sent the mail.
11.Did you bring something to eat?
Yes, I have brought my lunch
12.Did you tell your father?
Yes, I have told him.
13.Did you ask her?
I have asked
14.Why did you come early?
I have finished my job.
15.Did you want something to eat?
No., I can’t  eat now. Thank You..,