Asia is a continent teeming with indigenous talents and global icons. But, who is big in Asia? This question may seem straightforward, but it carries a more profound insight. The answer would help us understand the fundamental cultural, social, and financial dynamics of Asia. So let's dive into it!

The Rising Influence of Tech

Asia's economy is at a pivotal point, and technology is playing a significant role. The tech industry's movers and shakers are defining who is big in Asia. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, and Pony Ma, founder of Tencent, are towering figures in Asia’s tech industry. Not to mention, the rising Indian tech giants like Mukesh Ambani, who is steering the ship of Reliance Industries.

The Power of Entertainment

Still wondering, who is big in Asia? Look no further than the entertainment industry! The Korean music band, BTS, is undoubtedly the biggest sensation in Asia. With millions of fans across the region, their influence is undeniable. Popular actors like Jackie Chan and Akshay Kumar are also significant cultural figures in Asia.

Sport Icons

Sports are another cornerstone of Asian society. Sports figures such as Yao Ming (basketball), Sachin Tendulkar (cricket) and Kei Nishikori (tennis) are not just successful in their respective sports, but they've also become influential figures in their homelands and internationally.

Spirituality: A Different Perspective

The social fabric of Asia is shaped by spirituality – the same applies to defining who is big in Asia. The Dalai Lama and Amma ("The Hugging Saint") are immensely influential, inspiring millions with their teachings.


While this list provides an overview, remember who is big in Asia depends on one's perspective. A sportsperson might prioritize Sachin Tendulkar, while a music fan might put BTS at the top.