What Are The Most Spoken Languages In Asia?

Discover the fascinating linguistic landscape of the world's largest, most diverse continent.
Asia, the world's most populous continent, is home to an incredibly diverse range of cultures, countries, and of course, languages. But what are the most spoken languages in Asia? Whether you're a globetrotter aiming to broaden your linguistic horizons, a student curious about Asian cultures, or just a language enthusiast, read on.

What Are The Most Spoken Languages In Asia?

The continent of Asia boasts hundreds, if not thousands, of distinct languages. However, a few languages rise to prominence primarily due to the sheer size of their native speaking populations.


Chinese is, without a doubt, the most spoken language in Asia. Specifically, Mandarin Chinese reigns supreme as it's not only spoken by the majority of the 1.4 billion people in China but its usage also cuts across different Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia.


Hindi is a crucial player in the linguistics of Asia. Primarily spoken in India, it's estimated to be the first language of over 41% of the Indian population which totals to about 615 million speakers.


Bengali - ever heard of it? Despite flying under the radar in the West, it's quite a big deal in South Asia, being the official language of Bangladesh and India's West Bengal. Around 228 million people speak this language.


Yes, you read it right. A considerable portion of Russia lies in Asia, not Europe. Because of these Russian Asians, Russian is one of the most spoken languages on this continent.


In Western Asia, you'll find the Middle East, where Arabic is predominantly spoken. This language is incredibly diverse – with different regions having their versions heavily influenced by local dialects.

What About English?

Good question, English is also widely spoken across Asia but primarily as a second language. Countries such as India, Pakistan, and the Philippines have a significant number of English speakers.

Seizing the Language Opportunity

Why does knowing the most spoken languages in Asia matter? In our increasingly globalized world, understanding and speaking widely-used languages can unlock a bounty of opportunities, both personal and professional.
Chart your language learning path today! Start with these most spoken languages in Asia and who know where you'll end up.

Discover the most spoken languages in Asia. From Mandarin Chinese to Arabic, uncover the linguistic landscape of the world's most populous continent.

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