How to Write a Work Plan

Use a work plan template by following these few simple steps to create one for your next project. Plan is plan , If you have been made a plan , you have to carry out it without any delay or  wasting time. Every plan final step should be a  "plan come true."  It's not should be a dream. 

*. Mapping out Your Work Plan

- Identify the purpose for your work plan.

- Write the introduction and background.

- Determine your goal(s) and objectives. 

- Consider ordering your work plan by "SMART" objectives. 

                          #. S- Specific

                         #. M- Measurable

                        #. A- Achievable

                        #. R- Relevant

                        #. T- Time bound

- List your resources

- Identify any constraints

- Who is accountable

- Write your strategy