How to Make Money

If you wish, you had a some more money in your pocket. 

*. Doing Odd Jobs

- Offer dog walking or start a pet-sitting business.

- Babysit for extra cash if you’re good with children.

-Become a tutor if you’re very knowledgeable in a subject. 

- Perform landscaping services. 

- Complete errands or tasks for the elderly.

- Find odd jobs online for extra cash.

*.  Making Money Online

- Make a website or start a blog. 

- Become a freelancer in an area where you have expertise.

#. Do programming or coding.

#. Design websites.

#. Do graphic design.

#. Write.

#. Edit or proofread.

#. Become a consultant if you have expertise.

- Complete online surveys for extra cash or gift cards.

*.  Reselling Items

- Sell items you aren’t using any more.

- Flip clothes and accessories from thrift stores or yard sales in online auctions. 

- Hunt for under-priced used books that you can sell online.

- Try flipping houses if you have experience with making home repairs. 

*.  Selling Items You Make

- Sell handmade crafts or jewelry through an online shop or at local events.

- Become a freelance photographer and sell photos online.

- Refinish old furniture from thrift stores, yard sales.

How to make money at home