Online earning is a just a dream in this real world if you didnt know how to earn correctly. Most web sites are fake & scams.

Most online earning site are showing to you nice dreams & grate earning plans. Some sites are saying you can earn 500$ per a month, Some sites are saying you can earn 5$, 10$, 15$, 20$ .........ect per a day,  they are giving nice & wonderful feeling because they know very well your mind set. 

They know what you want ? 

Eg:  you want earn money quickly.

        you want earn money easily. 

Some scams site saying , When you registering they giving you ...$  10$, 20$ , ect as bonus for registering. It's a some kind a motivation tip. that bonus never can send your bank account or PayPal or Neteller , Skrill....ect. If it's real, it can be useful in real world. mostly not like that. It's just a numbers with $ of that site in your logging.

Most YouTube videos showing you, 'day dreams' for the make they are earning by increasing views of videos. wasting your time for watching that videos & registering what they are guiding saying web sites & methods. 

YouTube is a grate platform for the earning, learning, sharing knowledge as many more. It's world no 1 grate platform.

This world no 1 grate platform some people are misuse. It's the problem. If you really care online earning you can follow " Adsense channel " in YouTube. It's a grate platform earn real money in YouTube or making web site. It's not simple. but it's real. many people earning millions of $ by this grate programme.

Some of real money earning sites : fiverr, Picoworkers. Most PTC  sites giving few cents of $, you have to work long time earn at least 1 $ , sometime may be week or more, then for what like that earning system. better work real world somewhere than earning like that PTC sites without waste your valuable time. 

This article not discourages your online earning dream, we are discussing real situation of the online money earning.  

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