Cheating innocent people when they going to find true love by the facebook. It's the problem. 

Facebook is a grate social media platform in the world. No more any platform like that in the internet. Most people connecting each others by facebook, it's very good & grate thing.

Old people, young people, sometime teenager finding friends or lovers by facebook. Sometime some old people making fake account & trying make with the friendship & love with the girls or boys. 

Some married people finding young girls or boys as they are lovers. Some young people fishing teenager by facebook. Some people have more than one facebook account, it may be not a good situation in the facebook as responsible person in the world.

problem is a other person dont know,

*. This person married,

*. This person 75 years old,

*. This person has 3 girlfriends &  married,

*. This person has 5 girlfriends in facebook by using different fb accounts ect.

*.  This person 12 years old,

*.  This person drugs users ,

*. This person misuse photos & videos 

If you dont know this matters, DONT cooperate with them. if you cooperate YOU WILL GET BIG PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE.