What is Digital Photography?

Its Schools and learning

The word "Digital" comes from Latin American language.  With the meaning " finger, toe" early it was originated as "digitus" and then it become "digitalis", now it has been formed as " digital". According to the present usage of that word, it means a serious of digits 0 and 1 mainly represented by the values of voltage and magnetic polarization which are taken as physical quantities. Nowadays this word has spread in numerous areas cause of its different and speedy functions. The present electronic medias and communication as well as cinema and photography has embraced this digital technology. And also it is being gone high by being adjusted according to the related functions of it.

Among them Digital Photography is emerged at the present world market. Though it's an art it has already gone beyond the boundaries of its and caught the professional market.
   Art + Profession = Digital Photography = Great Productivity
Today's world defines it as a mode of a photography which uses cameras with electronic photo-detectors to capture pictures which are focused by the lens in the camera. It's not like manual camera.  The captured pictures are digitized as data and for viewing, digital publishing, printing and for other processing,  it make its own computer folder and store those data. In normal camera we can see its functions are difference from the above camera. Because it works, it denotes normal camera works in a chemical process to expos and capture the pictures. 

Actually there is vast area to follow this which is  called" Digital Photography School". Lighting techniques along with the understanding about the parts of the digital camera sensors, various  shooting modes of camera, various focus points and camera settings can be followed there.