Elderly Citizens are the Seniors of a Great Life

Though the the age is just a number any individual aged person in the world and specially who has retired is considered as an elderly person. With urbanization and changing life styles, more and more elderly people are looked after by the state and charity organizations. Apart from board and lodging there are other facilities that are provided for them. Most countries give concessions to senior citizens. The train fair for senor citizens in India is almost a quarter of the normal fare. They are take care when they allocate seats to the elderly. Only the lower berths in railway compartments are allocated to the elderly people. Most buses in England have seats marked out for the senior citizens. The conductors and drivers are very helpful to the elderly. 

They often assist them to get on and off the bus. Asian countries , mostly in Sri Lankan young people get up from their seats and offer them to the elderly people. Banks offer special accounts senior citizens and they are given higher rates of interest. They are also provided with free insurance, free medical facilities and prompt attention in all matters. Some countries have a home service, where the doctors go to the homes of the elderly for regular check ups. But most like to encourage the elderly to visit the central or the local clinic. There they can meet other elderly people and make friends. There is something that all of us need to remember. Old age is inevitable in life. It cannot be prevented, nor can it be rushed, alas! you cannot get older or younger. The only thing to do is to grow old gracefully. And if we can walk independently it gives us a great big cheer to be the guider of young generation.