Smoking Brings Harmful Effects 

Smoking denotes an inhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco. It is an action of inhaling and exhaling smoke of drugs. Now a days it has become a practice.The World Health Organization says smoking is the biggest cause of premature death. The United Nations Health agency says 5 million people die from smoking related diseases.  They are lung cancers, chronic bronchitis, and heart diseases. It's expected to exceed 10 million by 2020. Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals in the form of particles and gases. They are highly poisonous and fatal. Every cigarette takes seven minutes off your life. 90% of all lung cancer, 75% of chronic bronchitis and 25% of heart diseases are connected to smoking. A smoker gets addicted to poisonous nicotine. There are plenty of effects in numerous areas of smoking. Such as internal body diseases, environmental pollution, effects for the pregnant mothers, female infertility and so on.

Smoking can both the heart as well as blood circulatory system. It can even increase the risk of brain damage or death. Smoking also affects non-smokers. An hour a day in a room with a smoker is nearly a hundred times likely to cause lung cancer in a non-smoker. Non- smokers exposed to passive smoking at home have a 25% increased risk of lung cancer and heart diseases. Smoking also affects babies born to mothers, who smoke. In the United Kingdom about 600  lung cancer deaths and 12,000 heart patients in non-smokers are due to passive smoking.
Now people from all over the world are aware of this grave danger. First parents should give up smoking as an example to their children. Smoking should be banned in schools, hospitals, Govt. offices, factories, buses, trains and public places.  All tobacco promoting advertisements over TV should be banned. The Government should start a campaign through the media to warn the public of the grave dangers of smoking. Then it will bring the reality of the life to people in all over the world.