As an electronic equipment a computer has playing big role of the current world development. It was originated as result of industrial revolution. It has been expanded in several areas. The whole system in the world is run through this computer.Computers are especially useful for storing a lot of information. They can keep words, pictures and sounds in their memory and give your required information within seconds. Even the most advanced computers are often easy to use. They communicate with you by flashing messages or pictures onto a screen or sometimes they talk to you. You can play games with them, too. 

A computer gives us many purposes such as calculations,process and store information and retrieve data and so on. According their purposes it's divided in to two. That is general purpose computers and special purpose computers.Your television can become a useful link with computers far away. You can find out all sorts of information just by passing buttons on a remote control finger pad at home.  The information appears instantly on your television screen . You can find out the news, the weather forecast , sports results and travel timetables. Computers make our lives easier in many ways. Space travel would be impossible without computers.Anyway today the whole world has been changed from the computer.It has happened through advances in science, medicine, business and education.