Healthy Parent- child with a Healthy Home Environment

Healthy environment for a healthy family

Simple relaxation exercises under the stress- management skills can be learned and practiced by everyone. 

What are your duties and responsibilities towards your family?
Do you think you perform them well enough?

Healthy family creates safe and hygienic living conditions for their members. A healthy family life styles encourages appropriate balance in the lives of its members. the emotional climate of a healthy family is positive and supportive of growth.   
The family is where you put down your first roots, where you form your most lasting impression, where you put together the building blocks of your character and where you determine whether you  will view life through prejudiced eyes or acceptance. Family is where you learn how to share, how to relate and how to treat other people. Family is where you learn how to interpret your surroundings correctly. It is where you discover hoe to draw the line  between right and wrong , between good and evil.

If you come from a healthy family, you are seldom unclear about what is right or wrong unlike a child from a dysfunctional family.Therefore it is important to keep your family healthy, physically, mentally, socially as well as spiritually. health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

 Social health family relationships. 

A healthy family relationship is one that supportive, loving, responsible and balanced.Families should work together to eliminate stress and negativity in home. Promoting a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Do you know the difference between " House" and " Home" ?

"House" describes a particular type of building. "Home" is the place where you live and feel that you belong to. In other words, a house does not become a home without the family, people whom you live with and you belong with.