The largest mammal - The Blue Whale

The blue whale is called as the largest known living mammal in the world. Usually, it gives up to ninety years.  It is also the biggest eater in the animal kingdom. When the blue whale's stomach is full, it can hold 2.5 tonnes of food. Blue whales produce the biggest baby. A baby whale weighs over 3000 kilograms. It is about the same weight of a fully grown hippopotamus. Within ten years a baby whale weighs 26 tonnes. The body of the blue whale produces about 20 tonnes of oil. This oil is used to make soap, margarine and ointment.  

Balaenoptera musculus is the scientific name of them.  They are belonging to "Pod" group.
They are so big in every way. It's called a marine mammal. Blue Whales are the heavier on earth. Their hearts alone weigh as much as a car. They have got mass weigh up to 200 tons or around 441,000 pounds. Its tongue weighs as much as elephant. They make long- distance call for free and they're loud. the stomach of blue whales can hold 2,200 pounds of tiny crustacean at a time as it has got big appetites for tiny fish. And also they are called as big babies. They are spending summers in polar regions by feeding. They travel a lot and can scoot.