How is the life in the Hostel ?

Hostel life is a very ideal life. It is a free and scared life. In the hostel, the atmosphere is very congenial for studies and one develops qualities of cooperation, fellow- feeling and self- managing affairs. If students take hostel life seriously, they can in calculate all the traits of a good citizen. A student can fully concentrate on studies in a hostel, as he is away from general worries and cares of life. Besides, he can participate in social activities and can learn virtues of head and heart from his senior students.

One can enhance one's knowledge while in the hostel. He can remove his weaknesses and become polished and cultured. He is able to shun his shyness and learns to speak fluency and expresses his ideas with confidence. By mixing up with  different types of students, one learns to behave in a society and acquires good manners thereby sowing the seed of becoming a disciplined and good citizen.   

There is no doubt that life in a hostel is full of responsibilities. One is free from the sharp eye of one's parents but here one has to use his own wisdom and intellect. Here one is one's own supervisor. This is the real test of one's self control and true self. One can fall an easy prey to evil habits , bad company, drugs, smoking and wasting time. Here one can make or mar his career. A student in a hostel has no care except to devote all energies to studies. Hostel life gives all opportunities to a good student to make use of everything - all facilities at hand, good teachers, good libraries, laboratory etc. The evil will automatically vanish, if a student can put his energies to the best use. Here one can shine like a jewel. However, if a student follows the negative track and evil ways, their grip will be tightened slowly and then it will be impossible for him to come out of the whole mess. In fact, hostel life is a memorable period of one's life.  It gives one permanent friends and memories. It makes one self-confident, takes one out of parental care and teaches all the pros and cons of the reality of our life.