Social Service 

It is rightly said that service done to mankind is service done in God. Man, being a social animal lives in a society. God has created man so that he can help the needy and serve those who are handicapped, less privileged and downtrodden. We must not look to our welfare only but to the people around us who are leading woesome lives. Doomed are those who are jealous of others and who want only themselves to be healthy, happy, rich and prosperous. One can be happy only if one grows along with others.

Gone are the days when there was only one rich man in a village who enjoyed  all the luxuries of life and the others around him bowed to him for all sorts of help and lived in his servitude. They came into this world to lick the soles of the only rich and died obeying and serving him. Now there has been  a tremendous change and no one exploit the rights of the others. 

 So in the new society we must change our attitude and work for the welfare of our fellow human beings and even lower animals, especially the poor and the neglected. We must know who around us need our help and who are depressed and illiterate. Those who are sick and poor, who can not make both ends meet, who cannot give vent to their feelings and sorrows, must get our help. Some people are compelled to turn to crime because of extreme poverty.

 Some are paid very low wages and some only pittance. We must become their benefactors.
Mother Theresa set an example which is unparalleled in human history. She provided a home to the shelter less, have her love and compassion to those who needed them most. She crossed all the barriers of caste, creed, nation, religion, sex and boundaries. She embraced the poor and the sick and healed the wound of their minds and hearts. She looked after the lepers and provided solace and peace to their gloomy hearts.