Piyadasa Sirirsena was born nearly 10 years after Dharmapala. His career path make interesting reading. Many people fought against the bad aspects of British rule during colonial days. Piyadasa Sirisena tried to protect indigenous culture through his vigorous writings. He was drawn to Anagarika Dharmapala due to his strong commitment to save Buddhism and Sinhala way of life from deterioration. The Anagarika's stern discourses were so influential that, Piyadasa Sirisena changed his non-Sinhala seeming original name into Priyadasa Sirisena. He was in Induruwa in 1875. As a young man, he received valued assistance from some publishers. Piyadasa Sirisena evolved from journalism into fiction - writing. His novels were didactic.  The moral lessons he imparted had a surprising impact on the local folk, stirring them into a marked sense of nationalism.  His newspaper "Sinhala Jathiya" brought about a national revival. His works were avidly read, and the masses held him in high esteem as a nationalist leader. He enjoyed a vast national followings.