Future Democracy

 Democracy has been defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This type of government was set up in India after independence.  India is the largest democracy in the world. Every attempt has been made to strengthen democracy. Even then its functioning has not been very encouraging and some people have started doubting the future of democracy. 

After setting up the democratic form of government, people thought that India would become a paradise and the country regain its past glory. Unemployment, disease, poverty and starvation would be eliminated lock, stock and barrel. They hoped that the democratic form of government after independence would usher in
 " Ram Rajya" in which every body would be happy. Unfortunately, the hopes of people have been belied. Fifty seven years after independence, sixty percent of the people in India live below poverty line. Rising prices, corrupt, and inefficient government machinery have made the life of the poor people a nightmare. We hear of starvation deaths in certain parts of the country. We hear of people feeding on garbage in other parts of the country. Also we hear of people looting railway wagons and trucks carrying food grains.

No government after independence has been able to relieve the miseries of the common man. The leaders of democracy must hang their heads in shame as they have brought the country to economic ruin. People have lost their faith in democracy and they freely say that ministers, legislators, bureaucrats, inspectors and clerks are looting the country and there is no one to check them.

There are several reasons for which people of India have got disillusioned with the functioning of democracy. Many illiterate people do not know for whom to cast their vote. They vote for a person who either bribes them or who belongs their cast or religion. Soon after independence, many new departments of the government were set up and they have become dens of corruption. Some misguided persons are of the viwe that in a democracy, one is free to do whatever one likes. The result is chaos, Mal- administration, regionalism and provincialism. People have forgotten the country and they place their own interests above those of the country.