Beauties of Natures

Nature is the handiwork of God, just as art and industry are the creations of man. However, Nature surpasses in beauty all the handiwork of man. The beauty of Nature is one of the greatest benedictions which God has showered on mankind. Since times immemorial, poets and writers  have waxed eloquent over the beauty of Nature. The modern industrial civilization has, no doubt, made heavy inroads on the haunts of Nature, yet it always been a source of inspiration to the poets and artists. William Words Worth who is the high priest of Nature, believes that a visit to a mountains and lakes is equal to the visit to the church. To John Masefield, the call of the sea is irresistible. Shelly looks on the West Wind as destroyer and preserver. Byron looks upon the ocean as an image of God. Shakespeare finds sermons in stones, tongues in trees and books in running brooks.

 The beauties of Nature offer a rich feast of delight to the eyes and ears of man. The crimson sun-rise, the glowing sun-set, the bright moon, the twinkling stars, the crystalling   streams looking limpid like sapphire, the snow-caped mountains- all these beauties of Nature are indeed fascinating. The flora and fauna, the chirping birds also enhance the beauty of Nature. It is a pity that the modern man has no touch with Nature. He has sold his heart to believe in ledger philosophy based on calculation of profit and loss. Wordsworth rightly laments that "the world is too much with us ". The modern man is completely alienated from Nature. The bathed in the moon light and the gentle howling winds do not appeal to him.

Nature is beautiful everywhere but there are occasions when even nature is red in tooth and claw. When the sea is rough and storms are blowing, a boatman on the high seas has to fight against the fury of Nature to reach a place of safety. But by and large Nature offers us many beauties.The star- spangled sky, the floating clouds, the multi-coloured rainbow, shining dew drops, butterflies flitting from flower to flower, glow worms shedding light- all give us beauty and joy.

Wordsworth feels that Nature is man's guide, friend and philosopher. If a man is in the throes of depression, the delightful scenes of Nature can enliven his spirit and make him cheerful. Beauties of Nature are strewn everywhere, they are always fresh and they never become old or stale. Nature is the link between man and God.