The value of learning English. As a language English has come to the highest level of communication in the world. It functions as the central point of international communication. Our world consists various communities, languages, cultures etc. At present this whole world has globalised. The communicating capacity is being increased. Meanwhile languages have created their own position. English language is taken as a main media among them. It is used in countries more than 180 in the world. It can easily be caught as it has a small alphabet. It consists 26 letters. They are very methodical and really easy to learn. On the other side any kind of person in the world knows even one English word. Anyone who learns English language can have a perfect knowledge about anything beyond his or her country borders. And also it opens many job and learning opportunities to the man. There are numerous ways of learning English than other languages. You can browse the internet and polish your knowledge and gain your aims , targets fulfilled.