Healthy Food, Healthy Mind.
Most of the people in the present society having instant foods, on the other side shorteats. These kinds of foods are categorized in to two. High Sugar and highly content of oils can be named for them. Having too much of them will reduce the quality of human body and it will be devalued cause of dangerous diseases. For instance diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fat body.
It deactivates the human body and then the body becomes ill. And also it will be controlled and continued by plenty of medicine. And the mind level of the human will be messed up and discouraged. Secondly the whole life will be messy with negatives. Therefore to get prevented from these bad habits will make your life truly happy. Live with natural healthy foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, green leaves, usage of more fresh water etc continues our body healthy forever. It fetches the human mind to the maximum level of high. So you could obtain healthy mind with healthy food.