Nature inspired creations

Nature inspires creations. Many incredible creations of scientists and engineers are excellent models of nature. Some of the most wonderful  constructions in the world are ideal examples of how nature had provided inspiration for the designers architects.

Have you noticed that there is a physical relationship between the aeroplanes and birds? The aeroplane is based not only on the bird's streamlined  body shape, but also on the arrangement of wings and feathers .Leanardo da Vinci analysed the flight of birds and adapted it for the construction of flying machines.

There are a number of architectural monuments based on nature. The architects have created the Eiffel Tower based on the structure of the human bone tissues. The telegraph poles have the method of wind resistance similar to blades of grass. Joseph Paxton, the designer of the Crystal Palace in London used the leaves of the tropical water lily as his model. Today, house paints, roof tiles and window glasses use the "lotus effect". This concept is based on  the surface of a lotus leaf. As it is covered with a layer of fine fibers, hair and wax crystals, the dust and dirt dissolve in water and roll off, so that the leaf remains clean and dry.

Nature has also influenced the medical world. Diagnosis of diseases through ultra sound is based on the ultra sound that bats use to detect its prey. Even, the flippers that the divers use are based on the webbed feet of frogs. Similarly, we can list out various creations of man that are based on the structures of nature. By considering all these , we can decide that Nature is not only a healer, but also an excellent teacher.