Art & Dreams
We are constantly giving meaning to a torrent ofimpressions that we meet through our senses and from
within us. We give form to raw experience. We scan our enormous experience of words, phrases, context,to arrive at an understanding of what is communicated verbally or in writing. If we could watch this process taking place, we would observe a constant searching and rejection of non-hits, a lining up of
possibilities, and a bringing to the forefront of what we sense are highest probabilities. Our mind/brain is
a flashing loom of connections, a constantly moving wonderful network of links between billions of cells. This flashing creative network that constitutes the miraculous background to our responses, our feelings, our thoughts and spontaneous fantasies and dreams, is constantly forming patterns from the multitude of experiences we have. It constantly tries to match these patterns against what is already known or learnt. It draws out from the chaos of memory and incoming experience whatever it can liken to what was met in the past. What it can~t match it tries to put into some sort of order or to give a form to. And within all this constant activity the search for personal meaning goes on - Who or what am I? How can I survive? Is there a way ....?Out of such a profoundly integral search for meaning, as artist, writer, musician, we may project the subtle forms of our inner meanings into the art form we use. We may create shapes, places, people, and feelings. Out of the flashing web of our own sentience we create life - our life - with its own conceptions of what it is to exist, what it is to love or hate, to strive or fail.Even the most modern of dream theories agree that it is out of the fathomless depths of our drive to give meaning to impressions, that we create dreams.