Art and War
The Florida National 2001 was held at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition
hosted combined talents from all over the United States. The Florida National is an annual art contest that has entries come from all over the nation. Awards were given for the best two pieces in the show. In the show artist deal with many different issues, non-seeming to relate to another. The works were presented in many different ways; all types of media were expressed in the exhibition. There was a very diverse arrangement of art at the exhibition every thing from photos, sculptures; quilts to tricycles were involved to create art. While at the museum some pieces were emphasized by the curator. She pointed out a work done Carol Taylor, a quilt very elaborate, with a wide array of colors and patterns. The piece was well thought out but was way to busy for liking, and really did not express a real meaning besides being a blanket. The curator did point out a piece that I did find interesting and weird at the same time. A work by Kyle, The Unavoidable Man, It uses contrast of dark and white colors to express meaning the piece draws you in with the depth that is portrayed that soon draws you right into the painting it self. The art is properly placed around the museum. Each piece differs and makes you think about the works from all different types of aspects. The exhibition does not get boring because of the wide range of themes that are presented. If any theme is presented it is that of the diversity of America.