Value of Sports

The value of sports and games is recognized by all educationists today. Books develop our mind but games develop our body. A sound mind is always there in a sound body. This truth is universally acknowledged and accepted. Physical fitness, free from all ailments , is the desire of every human being. Sports make our stout and muscular. They fill the body with strength and vigour, they expand our lungs and increase the blood circulation. If one is physically fit, one feels happy and finds oneself capable of hard work. All forms of sports, cricket, football, volley ball, hockey, badminton, table tennis, rowing, swimming- entertain us and also provide the much needed exercise. They are an excellent way to spend one's leisure time. In the play ground, one forgets the worries of the routine life.

Games and sports inculcate in us a spirit of sportsmanship, honesty, punctuality, regularity of habits. They also teach us the qualities of team spirit, leadership and obedience. They provide us a good training for playing the game of life in a sporting way. A true sportsman will not be sad at his defeat and not be overjoyed on his success. A true sportsman plays the game for the game's sake and not for winning always.

Each game is played under certain rules which are to be obeyed by all the players. Therefore sports teach us obedience and discipline and teaches us the importance of cooperative efforts. They teach us how to command and how to obey. Above all, They encourage and develop the spirit of competition, a healthy spirit of rivalry and constantly lead to improvements in performance. Excess of games and sports may, however, make one neglect one's studies and regular work.