In today's world, possessing more and more things which money can buy has become a status symbol and money and prestige have become synonymous with each other. To learn more money and to outsmart our relations and acquaintance is a matter of prestige. Today everyone strives for money, affluence and success and ambition  is the buzzword. The result is that the man of today leads a fast-paced, competitive and stressed life.

Rat race for luxurious lifestyle is taking its tall by generating stress. Stress may be defined as pressure, anxiety syndrome, strain or tension. There is likely to be mental, emotional or physical stress if one is unable to cope with the hectic lifestyle. Man of today has a very high degree of commitment but the time available at his disposal is less and he is haunted by the fear that he is likely to be left behind and this fear inevitably leads to a lot of stressful situations.

Also, modern man leads a mechanical lifestyle which further aggravates strain. There is lack of physical exercise due to confinement to one's place of work for longer periods. Not having a balance diet lack of nutritious diet and consumption of more coffee, tea and alcohol also makes people more prone to stress. It is high time the modern man devises some method to overcome stress. Stress can be overcome to some extent if we follow a disciplined lifestyle and manage our time better. Also priorities should be given to those areas which need more attention. Taking breaks from hectic work can counter stress to some extent. Also, one is relieved of the monotony of daily life by taking regular holidays and visiting some new place, specially some hilly place; calm; serene and far-removed from the madding crowd of big cities, where one can rejuvenate one's heart and mind. Meditation, yoga and spirituals pursuits are also very useful to counter stress.

Stress can also be minimized if not completely eliminated, by doing regular exercise and controlling one's diet. Spending quality time with near and dear ones can also go a long way in controlling stress.