Technical and Vocational Training.

The education system introduced in India by the Britishers has outlived its utility. It was introduced to make us fit for white collar jobs. Technical and vocational training is the foremost need of the present day society. Purely literary education creates a dislike for manual labour. There are many ordinary graduates but no one needs them because a graduate is not fit for anything except general clerical work in an office. It is therefore essential that besides literary education, graduates should be given technical and vocational training. 

Technical training will help us solve the problem of unemployment. It will prepare children for scientific and technical mode of social life. Vocational training keeps the body fit and helps in character building.  It provides us a sense of the dignity of labour.  Vocational or technical training is a good substitute for a hobby. We begin to realise that all work is noble and we begin to feel important that we are doing something worth-while for the society. It keeps us actively busy and we can have a good leisure for pleasure when we do some sort of vocational training.

Technical education provides a training of the head and hand and in a technical school, students use their hands and muscles to exercise their brains. And they observe with their eyes. Technical education will make the youth self-sufficient and will raise the standard of living. Also it will go a long way in solving the ever-growing problem of unemployment.