Students and Politics 

It has been a controversial topic for a long time whether students should actively participate in politics or not. Some politicians, teachers and students are of the view that students should whole- heartedly participate in politics and active interest. Those who are against this view also strongly put forward their points. 

Some people believe that politics, being a dirty game, creates groups and parties among the students. this leads to a lasting rivalry among them and disturbs their peace of mind thereby harming their academic progress. Students in schools and colleges should not waste their time in party bickering as their main duty is to study. Students should not be involved in political tussle with each other. By doing so, We don't do justice with them. They participate in strikes, demonstrations and processions. At times there is a clash with the police or college authorities and students are put behind bars and have to contest legal cases in the court. Thus very valuable time is lost if students participate in politics. Many innocent students who really want to study, also lose their valuable time by associating with those who are actively involved in politics. 

Those who favour students' participation in politics say that education means all-round development and not only acquiring literacy. Participating in politics leads to the all- round development of an individual student. The student comes to know of what is happening in the country and the world around him. He does not remain a mere book-worm but learns the qualities of leadership and he becomes aggressive, dominating and an alert young man ready to face the battle of life after college. Participation in politics makes him a good citizen, a responsible person and a cultured human being. He gains a fair practice of debating and putting forward his view point with force and conviction. He acquires of courage ,  sincerity of purpose, spirit of service, self discipline and devotion to duty. Such people are of the view that the great leaders of our nation were great student leaders in their student life. 

We can conclude that students should tread the middle path. students should not involve themselves very actively in politics which is sure to harm their studies, the main goal of student life.