Phillip Spain

The increasing power of Spanish Empire was expanding its territory in 1585. Phillip of Spain ordered the arming of a great military fleet, which was to become known as the invincible Armada (unbeatable fleet or Navy) to invade England. However, it had been an overwhelmingly expensive disaster. Of the 130 ships that sailed from Spain in 1588, it was said that only 60 were finally reported for. One - third or more of the fleet had been sunk or wrecked. On the return voyage, several of the remaining ships were wrecked off the coast of Ireland. Those who did not drown were captured by the Irish  or by English soldiers. Most were executed outright, though some were held for ransom. Spain's loss, both in ships and in men, was enormous, and Spain's status as a world power was destroyed with the defeat of the "invincible Armada".