Frederick the Great triumphed in the Seven Years War

Seven Years War

Following the outbreak of the seven years' War in 1756, Prussia found itself nearly surrounded by its enemies. So Prussian forces under Frederic the great won the battle of Rossbach. Casualties of the allied forces in the battle were around 5,000 dead/ wounded and 5,000 captured. For the Prussians, the cost was a remarkably low only 169 were dead and 379 were wounded. The battle of  Rossbach proved to be one of Frederic the Great's most dramatic victories. A month later, Frederic crushed the Austrians at the Battle of Leuthen ending the threat of invasion in 1757. So stunning (astonishing) was Frederic's Rossbach- Leuthen campaign  that even Napoleon the great, later referred do it as " a masterpiece in maneuver (plan) and resolution (decision)".