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60.S.W.R.D Bandaranayake.

S.W.R.D Bandaranayke was born on the 1st of January  1899 in a prosperous family. He received his early education from St. Thomas  College Mt.Lanania. He went to England and studied at Oxford University. He was the first Asian student who became the secretary of the students’ union of Oxford University. He qualified as a lawyer in 1925 and returned to the island. He first appeared in the national political horizon in 1926. He was elected to the national political horizon in 1926. He was elected to the Colombo Urban council and he was elected to the legislative council from Veyangoda. In 1936 he was elected uncontested and become the minister of local government.
In 1940 he got married to Sirmawo Ratwatte. Two daughters and a son were born to them Sunathra. Chandrika and Anura. Chandrika Bandaranayake became the president of Sri Lanka and Anura became the minister of tourism & ect.
When the U.N.P was formed in 1946. Mr Bandaranayaje’s Sinhala Maha Saba was the  largest single group in the party. In 1951 he crossed over from U.N.P and formed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Mr. S.W.R.D Banadaranayeka won the 1956  lection with an overwhelming  majority and became the third prime minister of Sri Lanka. Mr. Bandaranake launched a huge program of nationalization. He nationalized every private bus like in the country and made the bus service comfortable. Mr. Bandaranayeka was assassinated in 1959 and to this day he is looked upon as a national hero.