49. A World Heritage in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with many forests. Among them Sinharaja rainforest is considered as the only undisturbed rainforest left in Sri Lanka. It is about 9000 hectares in extent. Many of the plants are very rare. Over 60% of the tree species are found only in the lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka. If these species of trees are allowed to get destroyed, the world would lose them altogether. So it is important that much effort is made to conserve this rich valuable and fragile habitual.

The Sinharaja rainforest is the largest rainforest reserve in Sri Lanka. In 1980 Sinharaja became a crown property. In 1988 the Sinharaja was made National Wilderness area. In 1986 UNESCO include the Sinharaja forest in the World Heritage list as the first National Heritage of Sri Lanka.

Sinharaja provides a habitual for animals. It is a home to many rare animals, birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and trees.

Unfortunately this National heritage has faced a threat today, due to merciless collectors of wild life specimens. So it is our duty to protect this national treasure.