There are several sacred places in Sri Lanka. Among them Adam’s peak is regarded as one of the most sacred places to Buddhists.
The Mahawansa says that Load Buddha set his foot print on the summit of Sri Pada on his third visit to Sri Lanka.
Some people believe that God Saman has been guarding this foot print since the day that Lord Buddha visited he mountain.
This sacred mountain is situated in the Sabaragamuwa province . The distance from to this place is 101km. The height of this mountain is 7362ft.
Devotees go on pilgrimages to this sacred mountain every year. The pilgrimage to this season begins in December and ends in May. People in all walks of life climb this mountain during this period. They usually go in groups. The leader of the group is called””Nade Gura” while climbing the mountain as members of a same family. They stop at resting places and share their meals. They don’t feel tired as their minds are filled with religious thoughts.
Some devotees wear warm clothes as it is cold on the top of the mountain.
The chief significance of Sri Pada is that it is held sacred by people belonging to all the four major religions.
It was mentioned in a recent newspaper report that some devotees do not care about the environment there. They pollute the environment by throwing away polythene bags and other rubbish.
We should always try to keep the environment of this sacred place clean.