Our youth club did a great service by helping the flood vicims in the Ranthapura district.
    We saw their pathetic situation through the newspapapers. Also we come to know through the electronic media bout the great damages caused to their lives and properties.
At the monthly meeting of our youth club. It was unanimously decided to traw up a programme to help the flood victims. All the members of our club joined hands tp help the flood victims. We went from those to house collecting the donations. Gave a wide publicity for this purpose.
We collected dry dations.clothes, medicine and money. Almost all the residents in our area contributed generously in cash or kind.
We hired a lorry and transported the goods to Rathnapura. When we vidited the flood affected area, we were able to see the actual destruction caused by the floods.
We distributed the Parcles among the flood vicitms. They shed tears while acceptinh our donations.
The ppreciated our donations.
They appreciated our generosity very much.