Kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen on the Indian subcontinent over the millennia. The history of Indian royalty is truly fascinating. Among all the famed rulers, one question stands out in our minds: Who was the first king of India?

Bhrata Chakravartin: The Pioneer for Indian Royalty

Often cited in ancient texts, Bhrata Chakravartin is widely believed to the first king of India. His story sets the precedent for the hundreds of rulers that followed in the Indian subcontinent over the centuries. So, who exactly was this man?

The Story of Bhrata

Bhrata Chakravartin belonged to the Bharata dynasty, son to the legendary King Dushyanta, and Queen Shakuntala, believed to be one of the earliest recorded monarchs in ancient India's history. Is it any wonder then that the country got its name—Bharat, it's called in the Indian languages—from him?

The Realm of Bhrata Chakravartin

Bhrata was said to rule over the whole Indian subcontinent. He married Sunanda, the princess of Kashi, and they had a son called Bharata in his honor. However, isn't it interesting how we base our assumptions of historical figures like Bhrata on ancient tales and legends, without solid archaeological evidence?

The Legacy of Bhrata

Despite the lack of concrete historical proof of Bhrata's rule, the legacy he left, the tales told about him acts as a cornerstone for many beliefs in Indian culture. His story mirror many themes found in the tales of later kings: the absolute power, the magnanimity, the challenges of rule, and most importantly, the responsibility that comes with rulership.


In conclusion, Bhrata Chakravartin is believed to be the first king of India. His existence may be conflated with legends and myths, but his influence resonates in the cultural ethos of the country. It forms the base of the rich tapestry of Indian royal history.

: Dive into the rich history of the Indian subcontinent and find the answer to the intriguing question- who was the first king of India?
Table: Kings after Bhrata Chakravartin
| Kings | Known For |
| Ajamīḍha | Ancestor of the Kuru and Panchala tribes |
| Sudāsa Pijavana | Famed for the Battle of the Ten Kings |
| Rāma of Ayodhya | Depicted in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana|
List: Important Facts about Bhrata Chakravartin

  • Son of King Dushyanta and Queen Shakuntala
  • Named the country after him
  • His rule forms a focal point in ancient Indian texts
    Who was the first king of India? Chances are, it's Bhrata Chakravartin. The next time someone asks, you've got the story to tell!