In the world of finance and commodities, gold is considered one of the most reliable, safe and coveted assets. Majority of people may wonder, who has the largest gold storage in the world? Let's explore the gilded view of the world's largest treasury of gold.

The United States: Atop the Gilded Mountain

When it comes to pure gold storage, the undisputed champion is none other than the United States. It boasts the largest storage of gold in the world.
The primary repository is the famed United States Bullion Depository, better known as Fort Knox. It reportedly holds a whopping 147.3 million ounces of gold, valued at around $190 billion. Adding to it, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's gold vault is believed to hold more than 200 million ounces, making the United States the glittering leader of the pack.

But, Isn't Germany Close Behind?

A common misunderstanding is to presume that Germany holds the second largest gold storage in the world. In actuality, Germany ranks second in terms of gold reserves, but not physical storage. They've actively repatriated a large portion of their gold back from the US and currently hold around 3,374 tonnes.
Now a pertinent question is, where is Germany storing all its gold? The answer is, the bulk of it is housed in the vaults of the Bundesbank, Germany's central bank.

Other Major Players in the Gold Game

Interesting enough, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Italy stand out as the third and fourth largest entities with impressive gold reserves. The IMF vaults reportedly hold more than 2,800 tonnes of gold, while Italy's Banca d'Italia boasts reserves of over 2,400 tonnes.

China's Golden Ambitions

China, a noted economic powerhouse, is often touted for its gold storage. However, official figures currently place China in sixth place. The People's Bank of China's vaults are estimated to hold about 1,948 tonnes of gold.
While there’s much speculation surrounding China's actual gold storage, based on the current official data, we can conclusively identify the United States as holding the largest gold storage in the world.