When we picture pyramids, what often comes to mind? Most of us immediately think of the magnificent Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, right? But have you ever asked yourself, "Where is the biggest pyramid in the world?" If you have, look no further. This article will point you in the right direction (and maybe even surprise you!).

Where is the Biggest Pyramid in the World?

The title of the biggest pyramid in the world actually belongs to the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Puebla, Mexico. Despite being lesser-known than its Egyptian counterparts, this pyramid boasts an impressive base of over 450,000 square meters, dwarfing the Great Pyramid of Giza which only has a base of approximately 55,000 square meters.
Knowing the size, you must be wondering, "How tall is the pyramid?" While the main structure only stands about 55 meters tall, adding the hill and church that sit atop the ruin, it ascends to over 90 meters—part of the reason it's not easily recognized as a pyramid, intriguing, isn't it?

Why Isn't the Great Pyramid of Cholula Better Known?

The Cholula pyramid is partially covered by a natural hill and the Church of Our Lady of Remedies dating back to the Spanish colonial era. The structure is not as visually striking from the outside as the Egyptian pyramids, which might explain why it isn't as well-known internationally.
Though not as famous as its counterparts in Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is a fascinating site that demonstrates the advanced architecture and cultural richness of the pre-Columbian peoples. It should be on every history and architecture enthusiast's bucket list.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula Unveiled

Archaeologists have explored the structure since the 1930s, revealing a complex layering technique used by various civilizations over centuries. With around eight kilometers of tunnels open to public, visitors can explore the inside of the pyramid and witness its awe-inspiring construction first hand. It's a labyrinth of human aspiration and achievement that never fails to captivate visitors.


So, where is the biggest pyramid in the world? It's nestled in the city of Cholula, in Puebla, Mexico, camouflaged beneath a hill and the Church of Our Lady of Remedies. Though not as famous as its peers in Egypt, it's an extraordinary wonder of historical and architectural importance, standing testament to the ingenuity of the ancient civilizations that once inhabited this land.

It might not be what you expected, but don't let this deter you. The journey through the inside of the Great Pyramid of Cholula is an experience like no other, one that would leave you marvelling at the grandeur and intricacy of civilizations gone by.

Discover where the biggest pyramid in the world is located and be ready for a surprise. It's not Egypt, but rather Cholula, Mexico, home to a masterpiece of ancient architecture that few know of.