Success, as a multifaceted jewel, is often reinterpreted into various forms and meanings. Yet, even within its complexity, the deep essence of success can often be distilled into merely two lines or principles. Wait, but what are 2 lines of success? This is the poignant question we aim to answer today, diving deep to unravel the mysterious duality of triumph.

The First Line of Success: Personal Fulfillment

The first line of success revolves around the idiom "happiness is an inside job". Personal fulfillment is subjective and varies immensely — one man's success could be another man's failure. However, motivation, grit, and a deep-seated sense of achievement despite the odds form a common thread.
Conversely, lacking this personal sense of satisfaction or accomplishment could leave you feeling empty-handed, even in the glow of perceived 'material' success. Hence, it's essential to chase your happiness first, not just success advertised by societal norms.

The Second Line of Success: Social Impact

The second line directs us towards societal impact, or simply put, how does one’s success affect the world around them? Are they contributing to society’s wellbeing or transforming lives in their little ways?
This line of success often resounds in the phrase "be the change you wish to see". Your success might be creating employment opportunities, empowering a marginalized group, or even making a significant scientific breakthrough. The crux lies in the magnitude of your societal ripple effect.

Integrating Both Lines for A Holistic Success

Your success story should ideally straddle both these lines — personal fulfillment and social impact. Moreover, the interjections of ‘either-or’ have no place here. Why? Because holistic satisfaction comes from within and without, from individual triumphs and collective growth.
In the grand scheme of things, we must gradually move away from the spectacle of singular success and start embracing communal progressions. Remember, in the end, we're all interlinked, and each personal success story adds up to a global chain of triumphs.
Let's quickly summarise:

  1. Personal Fulfilment: Inner satisfaction stemming from personal achievements.
  2. Social Impact: The positive change or development your success brings to society.
    Do note, these two lines of success, while universal, are open to interpretation and personalization based on individual and community goals

  1.  Unravel the concept of 2 lines of success, personal fulfillment and social impact, and understand how they intertwine to form a holistic sense of achievement and triumph.