The air in Beirut is still thick with unanswered questions, three years after the devastating port blast that shattered the hearts of the city's residents and those watching worldwide. Citizens continue to demand answers, seeking a conclusion to this unsolved calamity. Are we any closer to understanding what happened that August day in 2017? Let's delve into this topic.

It’s Been 3 Years Since the Beirut Port Blast. People Still Want Answers.

The Blast

The Beirut Port Blast changed Lebanon forever. A massive stockpile of ammonium nitrate -- a hazardous substance allegedly abandoned and neglected for years -- ignited on August 4, 2017. This resulted in a powerful explosion that claimed the lives of more than 200 people, injuring thousands more whilst laying waste to parts of the city's landscape.

Lack of Accountability

So why, three years later, are people still demanding answers? The frustrating truth is that the individuals who might be responsible for the tragedy have not been held accountable to date. The investigation has been marred by political interference and alleged mismanagement, leading to public outrage and increasing distrust in government authorities.
What steps have been taken toward accountability? Further, why are these measures considered insufficient?

The Strive for Justice

The Lebanese government’s promise of a swift and transparent inquiry has fallen flat, inciting widespread protests and calls for international intervention. Many feel that the proceedings are just delaying tactics, rather than a genuine effort towards accountability.
Yet, the call for justice does not wane. People are taking to the streets, consistently voicing their demands for answers and justice. The spirit of resilience and perseverance displayed by the people, despite the hardships they’ve endured, reflects their undying hope for a fair conclusion to this saga.

International Involvement

In 2021, France initiated its investigation into the blast, with several other nations offering support, highlighting the global significance of this issue. However, is this enough to bring justice for the victims and their families?


The Beirut Port Blast is a painful memory that remains vivid in the minds of many, three years on. People long for answers- answers that would serve as steps toward healing and closure. Until then, the call for accountability, truth, and justice will continue to resonate from the heart of Beirut to the world.
From a broader perspective, the unresolved aftermath of the Beirut Port Blast serves as a stark reminder for all nations about the importance of proper management and accountability, showcasing a horrifying example of the implications of neglect and corrupt politics.
Is the plea for international intervention justified? Are the Beirut citizens' demands for answers three years after the tragedy falling on deaf ears? Or, is there still hope for justice to prevail? The world watches and waits.