Unravel The Enigma: What is Most Searched on YouTube?

Being the second most significant search engine after Google, YouTube caters to a varied audience worldwide. But what exactly are people hunting for on this platform?** What is most searched on YouTube?** Let's plunge into this exciting exploration.

How to? - The Reigning Champion

Evidently, "How to?" videos are the most searched on YouTube. The globally desired nuggets of wisdom range from cooking techniques to beauty hacks, software skills to DIY projects, fitness routines to language learning. Who hasn't turned to YouTube in search of answers?

Popular 'How to?' Categories

  • Cooking recipes (How to make sushi?)
  • Tech tips (How to use VPN?)
  • Beauty tips (How to apply eyeliner?)
  • DIY Crafts (How to make origami?)
  • Fitness drills (How to do a push-up?)

Music - Ruling the Roost

Can you guess the second most sought-after sphere? It's no surprise that music videos rank high on the list of what is most searched on YouTube. Music strikes a chord with all. From chart-topping music videos, live performances, to karaoke and lyrical versions, there's something for everyone.

Trending Music Searches

  • Latest pop hits
  • Top 100 Billboard hits
  • Music festival live streams
  • Classic rock songs
  • Instrumental music

Gaming- The Rising Star

With the rise of digital entertainment and eSports, one could easily imagine gaming landing a spot. Game walkthroughs, reviews, streams, and Let's Play videos are the talk of the gaming town.

Popular Gaming Searches

  • Best gaming walkthroughs
  • PubG tips and tricks
  • Minecraft tutorials
  • Latest game trailers
  • Top 10 best games

Product Reviews & Unboxing- The Silent Heroes

Consumer product reviews and unboxing videos make a subtle but powerful presence. They offer an insightful peek into a product's real-time features, aesthetics, and performance, aiding purchase decisions.

Most Reviewed Products Categories

  • Electronics
  • Beauty products
  • Fashion items
  • Books
  • Cooking appliances


Uncovering what is most searched on YouTube lifts the veil off popular trends, beckons creativity, and inspires to deliver content that hits the sweet spot of the audience’s interests. As a savvy YouTuber or a curious viewer, wouldn't you like to keep a finger on the pulse of these trends?
Particularly since YouTube's popularity and significance can only go one way - upwards!