Unearth the puzzling facets of Harold Ford Jr that seemingly make no sense. Delve into the unconventional aspects of this political figure's life and career.

Every now and then, a figure emerges in the political landscape that leaves many scratching their heads and concluding: "this makes no sense." One such figure is Harold Ford Jr. Known for his charisma, quick wit, and striking contrarian views, Ford Jr. often leaves spectators with more questions than answers. So, what about him just doesn't add up?

##This Makes No Sense: Harold Ford Jr
As we explore the world of Harold Ford Jr., it's hard not to be taken aback by his oscillating political views. Having been a five-term congressman with the Democratic Party, Ford Jr's recent switch to Republican viewpoints has many questioning: "Where does Harold Ford Jr. truly stand?" His openness to align with a party that holds diametrically opposing views to his previous allegiance has left many in a lurch.

###His Pivoting Political Views
One baffling aspect of Ford's persona is his audacious tendency to abandon party lines. He did not demonstrate typical Democratic views while serving in Congress, often endorsing Republican propositions. For instance, he backed President Bush's tax cuts and supported the Iraq War — both decidedly un-Democratic positions. Odd isn't it?
Yet, isn't there an inkling of admiration for someone who shirks the party line and formulates their views independently?

###Business Affairs: A Head-Scratcher
Additionally, Ford's involvement in the financial industry is another vexing factor. He garnered a position with Merrill Lynch, and later with Morgan Stanley, earning significantly more than his congressional salary. What's the catch, though?
Isn’t it ironic that someone vocal against Wall Street abuses would immerse himself so deeply into the finance sector? It just appears contradictory, to say the least!

###Candidacy Hiccups

Lastly, Ford's unsuccessful attempts at running for Senate in 2006 and 2010 have many pondering, "Why couldn’t he clinch the candidacy when his in-depth understanding of politics and persuasive skills are renowned?”

##Key Takeaways
To summarize, there are certainly elements about Harold Ford Jr's career and persona that prompt some to exclaim, "This makes no sense!". Be it his fluctuating political views, ambiguous financial occupations, or perplexing election outcomes, Ford Jr. is undoubtedly an enigma, shrouded in mystery. Yet, isn't there something compelling about a figure that doesn't fit neatly into pre-set narratives and stereotypes?

Go figure! This is Harold Ford Jr's world, and we are just trying to decipher it. But isn't it intriguing diving into these political riddles and forming your own opinion about what truly makes sense?