Creativity Lessons from Children

Often undervalued and overlooked, children's perspective provides an untapped gold mine for creativity lessons we can apply in our daily lives. We are quick to teach them, but how often do we stop to learn from them?


Adults tend to assume that they possess all the knowledge, while children are just 'little learning machines.' But would you believe that children can also serve as our teachers, specifically in the realm of creativity? The unfiltered world-view, the innovative problem-solving, the boundless imagination—there's a cornucopia of valuable creativity lessons in there!

Creativity Lessons from Children

Children are remarkably creative creatures. Their minds are not yet clouded by societal norms, so they often approach obstacles in ways that adults would never consider. These are our creativity lessons from children.

  1. No limit to imagination:
    Children believe in possibilities. Have you watched a child playing? They imagine, they create worlds and situations, they engross themselves in their little universes. As adults, we should embrace the same philosophy—never limit your imagination.
  2. Failure is part of the process:
    Children are not afraid to fail. They keep trying until they achieve their aim. As grown-ups, we tend to avoid failures, but imagine how much more we could achieve if we continuously embrace 'trial and error'?
  3. Question everything:
    Ever been around a curious child repeatedly asking "Why?" While it may be tiresome, it's a fantastic habit. Ask. Seek clarity. Pursue answers. This inquisitiveness propels creativity and innovation.
  4. Embrace playfulness:
    Children know how to have fun. Play allows them to explore, invent, and create. As adults, we could benefit from incorporating a bit of playfulness into our work to keep the creative juices flowing.
  5. Stay present:
    Children live in the moment. It is in these moments of absolute focus, where creativity likes to sneak in. As adults, spending too much time dwelling on the past or planning for the future can stifle our creative potential.


In a nutshell, children are creative powerhouses that adults ought to learn from more often. To reignite our often-dwindling creative spark, we must relearn how to imagine without boundaries, embrace failure, question norms, indulge in play, and stay in the moment. Remember, everyone has the capacity to be creative – sometimes, we just need to view the world through a child's eyes.
Is it time for you to take some creativity lessons from children?