*.  Considering a Move to a Foreign Country

Follow these steps whether or not you have chosen a destination.

Find contacts living abroad. 

Decide how important the language barrier is.

Think about how often you'll be visiting home. 

Consider costs of living.

Learn about climate and culture at the local level.

Get your family on board. 

Go on a fact-finding trip.

*. Finding a Way to Get There

Investigate study abroad options if you are a student.

Learn about programs through the military or government. 

Volunteer in a foreign country. 

Find a job abroad.

Travel without set plans.

*. Planning the Logistics

Make sure your passport or travel documents are up to date.

Acquire a visa if necessary. 

Research health concerns, and vaccinate if necessary. 

Understand tax laws.

Seek out additional advice on logistics.

Make your travel plans. 

*. Dealing with Possessions and Housing

Keep your old property if possible.

Find a short-term rental if possible.

Pack clothes to match the destination. 

Pack a large supply of any medical supplies you require.

Pack a few familiar objects.

Bring enough money to live off for at least a month.

Purchase plug adapters if necessary.

Ship only as much as you need.

*.  Adjusting to Life as an Expat

Understand what culture shock is.

Try to understand, not to judge.

Learn the language.

Make local friends. 

Make friends with other foreigners.

Treat your homesickness. 

Ask for care packages from home. 

Acquire a daily routine. 

Realize it's okay to be upset.