You have to start work, NOT next week, NOT tomorrow, Right Now, Right here,

If you have aim ?

If  you have goal ?

If you have target ?

Most people are very claver for  just  dreaming ,  They are day by day , just dreaming . That’s it, no more than dreaming them. They never activate practical situation.  If you not activate in the real world, you are just a time waster .


How we increase the knowledge for reach the goal ?

*. We can use YouTube

*. We can follow the ONLINE Courses.

*. Free guiding web sites & other social media

People want good knowledge & updated data about the  what they working or reaching one . Then most people can use the above resources for that.


If someone want to strong,  healthy  & fitness body , So he has to work hard for that, & start exercise right now. Before you start exercises , you have to study for take the well knowledge about exercises.   

So you can use YouTube for that, & also so many web site about this matter.

So have to keep your mind strongly , THIS IS THE POINT – Most peoples are GIVE UP when they are start & after the few days.

Peoples are GIVE UP after the small effort, That’s the reason peoples are fail when they are reaching the goal.

 Eg- I had a friend as Jack, He is a Fat man, more than 100Kg weight. He is started going to the Gem for make hansom body & make his look attracted. Then he went to every day to the Gem, after the 4 weeks , he stopped going Gem, because , He said Its not working. Useless thing. He want make body hansom quickly, within the few days.   Its impossible thing. He became fat  within the few years, It will take 5 years or more, So how he became the hansom within the few days. POINT is people wants take results quickly, that’s the reason fail the people when they are reaching the goal.

*. Work hard

*. Make a plan

*. Keep patience

*. Think every time about your goal & activate but DON’T much dream

*. I can do it. This is the only way make my life best & earn well money for live

Another word for never give up